3+3 Program: Cooley and OU sign agreement in effort to reduce student loan debt

Officials from both Cooley Law School's Auburn Hills campus and Oakland University signed a partnership agreement for a 3+3 Program, an initiative that will allow students to complete law school in two years instead of three.

The program, which was developed as a way to reduce student loan debt, will give students enrolled in their final year of Oakland University's integrative studies program the opportunity to begin taking first year law school courses at Cooley Law School's Auburn Hills campus. The 24 credits that the students take at Cooley will then count as credit towards the completion of their final year and degree at Oakland University.

"Both Oakland University and Cooley Law School are proud to offer students this exciting opportunity," said interim Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Susan Awbrey. "The 3+3 Program is making real strides in the education community and we hope it gives students the help they need to attend law school."

Officials from Cooley Law School and Oakland University developed the unique idea for the 3+3 Program as a way to lower the cost of higher education.

"Cooley strives to make legal education available to anyone who is interested in the profession, and this is reflected in the cost saving measures of the 3+3 Program" said Associate Dean of Cooley's Auburn Hills campus John Nussbaumer. "Participating students will save a full year of tuition, room, board and books, and this will make law school more accessible and more affordable."

The schools have previously partnered for several other initiatives. Cooley Auburn Hills is the exclusive educational partner law school of Oakland University. Students graduating from Oakland who meet Cooley's admission requirements are given priority in selection of both campus and entering term. Additionally, Cooley and Oakland offer MBA-JD and MPA-JD dual degree programs for interested students.

Published: Wed, Jun 5, 2013