Life sentences given in bat attack on local family

PONTIAC (AP) -- A man sentenced to life in prison Wednesday in a baseball attack on his family at their Farmington Hills home pleaded for forgiveness during an emotional court hearing.

"I stand before the people of the court, my family and friends, but mostly God, asking forgiveness and confessing my sins," a tearful Tucker Cipriano said, reading from a prepared statement.

Cipriano, 20, had pleaded no contest to accusations he killed his father and injured his mother and brother.

Co-defendant Mitchell Young, 21, also received a life sentence Wednesday in the Pontiac courtroom. He was convicted at trial of first-degree murder, assault with intent to murder and other charges.

The Farmington Hills attack killed Robert Cipriano and injured his wife, Rose, and their son, Sal.

"You ruined your life and the lives people who did nothing but love you," Judge Shalina Kumar told Cipriano, who praised his parents.

Cipriano called his father a great man and his mother an amazing person who "did everything she could to help me."

Recalling his first day of school, when it came time to let go of his mother's hand, Cipriano said: "Mom, I wish I had never let go."

Young, meanwhile, maintained his innocence, called the case against him a "miscarriage of justice" and criticized his attorney's performance.

Authorities said the pair went to the house last year with a plan to kill the entire family, steal $3,000 and a car and drive to Mexico after Tucker Cipriano violated his probation.

Published: Fri, Jul 26, 2013