Indigent Defense Commission seeks applicants to fill vacancy

The State Bar of Michigan Board of Commissioners is seeking names of persons interested in appointment to the Michigan Indigent Defense Commission (MIDC). The MIDC was recently created through Public Act 93 of 2013. Among other duties, the MIDC will propose minimum standards for the local delivery of indigent criminal defense services, and will identify and encourage best practices for delivering the effective assistance of counsel to indigent defendants charged with crimes.

Individuals seeking appointment to the MIDC should have significant experience in the defense or prosecution of criminal proceedings or have demonstrated a strong commitment to providing effective representation in indigent criminal defense services. Individuals who receive compensation from this state or an indigent criminal defense system for providing prosecution of or representation to indigent adults in state courts are not eligible to serve as a member of the MIDC.

Under the act, the State Bar will submit a list of three names from which the Governor will select one to serve on the commission. Initial appointment to the MIDC will be for a term of one to four years.

For more information on the duties and responsibilities of the MIDC, see Public Act 93 of 2013.

Deadline for responses is Friday, Aug. 9.

Those applying for this appointment should submit a résumé and a letter outlining the applicant's background and nature of interest in the position.

Applications should be sent to:

Lori Buiteweg, Secretary

c/o Peter Cunningham

State Bar of Michigan

306 Townsend St

Lansing, MI 48933-2012

Published: Fri, Jul 26, 2013