Man sentenced to prison for driving through crowd

BAY CITY (AP) -- A 23-year-old man has been sentenced to 14 months to 8 years in prison for driving a car through a crowd following the 2012 Bay City Fireworks Festival.

No one was seriously injured at the event. reports Bay County Circuit Court Judge Harry P. Gill last week told Kason M. Weems that he was "driving in an exceedingly dangerous fashion." Gill says that based on testimony in the case it was "quite remarkable" that no one was killed.

Weems told the judge he didn't intend to harm anyone. The Saginaw man says he was "scared" and trying to get out of the area.

A jury in June convicted Weems of two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon and 11 counts of misdemeanor assault.

Published: Mon, Jul 29, 2013