Pieces of old carpet from Legislature up for sale

LANSING (AP) -- The state is holding an old carpet sale after spending roughly $370,000 on a renovation of the state's House and Senate chambers.

The Detroit Free Press reports that the old carpet, which was held together by duct tape in spots, has been cut into small squares that are being offered for sale.

The carpets have unique designs. So far, about 170 people have asked for pieces of the Senate carpeting and dozens of House pieces are being bought. Pieces of the Senate carpeting are being sold for $25 for an 8-by-14-inch swatch and $50 for a 27-by-27-inch piece.

In the House, there was a lottery for the pieces that included the state's coat of arms, which sold for $100 each. Another 50 sold for $25 each.




Published: Wed, Oct 9, 2013