Suit in parents' 'Hard Lemonade' case settled

DETROIT (AP) -- A Wayne County judge has settled a lawsuit filed by a couple whose son was temporarily removed from their custody after he was mistakenly given alcohol at a Detroit Tigers game.

The case was closed Tuesday in a federal court filing. Attorneys for the parents and Judge Judy Hartsfield say settlement details are confidential.

Leo Ratte was 7 years old in 2008 when his father mistakenly gave him "Mike's Hard Lemonade" at Comerica Park. University of Michigan professor Christopher Ratte says he didn't know the beverage had alcohol.

A police officer took steps to put Leo into protective custody for several days. His parents say their rights were violated by Hartsfield's practice of signing blank forms and leaving them to be filled in by authorities to remove children.

Published: Thu, Apr 10, 2014