Probate Court mysteries removed


 On Thursday, April 10, the Citizens Alliance for the Oakland County Probate and Circuit Courts offered a free seminar titled “Removing the Mysteries of Probate Court” at the Troy Community Center. 

Panelists for the program included (left to right) Jill Koney Daly, probate register for the Oakland County Probate Court, and Thomas Trainer of Kemp Klein Law Firm. 

“We’ve been putting on this seminar for about 22 years with good people like Tom Trainer—private attorneys helping us remove all the mysteries of Probate Court,” Daly said.  

The seminar, developed by the Citizens Alliance for the Probate and Circuit Courts, is designed to enlighten and educate senior citizens and their families so that they may make informed decisions regarding their estate planning and understand the probate process. 

(Photo by John Meiu)





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