New web inquiry tool enhances public access to Court of Claims

 The Michigan Supreme Court announced last Friday that public access to Court of Claims information has been enhanced through a new web inquiry tool that facilitates searches for case and hearing information.  The tool allows the public to search for cases by party name, case number and case type.  Users can also access a convenient calendar function that generates hearing information by specified date ranges and judges.

The Court of Claims is a court of statewide, limited jurisdiction that hears and determines all civil actions filed against the State of Michigan and its agencies. These cases include highway defect, medical malpractice, contracts, constitutional claims, prisoner litigation, tax-related suits, and other claims.

“The new web inquiry tool is part of a comprehensive Supreme Court initiative to improve service to the public,” said Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert P. Young Jr.  “Our goal is to implement technologies that increase access and make it more convenient for the public to get their business done.”

Launch of the new web inquiry tool comes as the Court of Claims passes its six-month anniversary at the Michigan Court of Appeals.  When the court was transferred from Ingham County in November, 2013, there were 114 open cases.  

Over the past six months, 125 new cases have been filed and a total of 89 cases have been cleared.  Currently, the Court of Claims is handling 150 open cases and the first trial proceedings are scheduled for summer 2014.

Court of Appeals Judges Michael J. Talbot (Chief Judge), Pat M. Donofrio, Deborah A. Servitto, and Amy Ronayne Krause serve as judges of the Court of Claims.  The judges assumed their Court of Claims caseload while retaining a full caseload with the Court of Appeals. 


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