Chief judge provides pointers


Oakland County Circuit Court Chief Judge Nanci J. Grant (fourth from left) spoke on “Motion and Trial Practice in Oakland County Circuit Court:?Pointers from the Chief Judge” at the Association of Defense Trial Counsel meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 14, at Maggiano’s in Troy. 

Welcoming Grant to the meeting were (left to right) ADTC director James Swaim of Garan, Lucow, Miller PC; ADTC Immediate Past President Kevin P. Mologhney of Collins, Einhorn, Farrell PC; ADTC director James Hoehner of Hom, Killeen, Arene, Hoehn, & Bachrach; ADCT Vice President Matthew LaBeau of Vandeveer Garzia PC; ADTC President Ralph Chapa of Kaufman, Payton, & Chapa PC; ADTC Secretary Anthony Calati of Rutledge, Manion, Rabaut, Terry, & Thomas PC; ADTC director Dahlia Dallo of Harvey Kruse PC; David Eby of Design Research Engineering, meeting sponsor; and Robert Stants of Cass Tech, meeting sponsor.

(Photo by John Meiu)