Legal dispute leads to bench warrant

LANSING (AP) - A legal dispute in a Chicago courtroom over an unpaid political fundraising bill led to a bench warrant being issued for the arrest of Michigan state Sen. Bert Johnson.

The Detroit News reports Cook Court Circuit Court Judge Alexander P. White issued a contempt of court order Wednesday against the Democrat from the Detroit enclave of Highland Park with a $25,000 bond requirement if the lawmaker is arrested.

Christopher Hales, an attorney for Chicago-based Paladin Political Group, sought the order after Johnson failed to submit documentation about his ability to pay a nearly $22,000 judgment related to a congressional campaign that never materialized.

Johnson says he's disputing the amount owed. Johnson's lawyer Amir Makled says the contempt order was improper and payment should be pursued through a Michigan court.

Published: Fri, May 22, 2015