Snyder signs bills to improve quality of life

On Wednesday, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation that will reform regulation of mobile home parks, ensuring better safety protections for residents and allowing new actions to be taken against owners who allow parks to fall into disrepair.

“Regulations are meant to ensure that homes and businesses are habitable and safe, not get in the way of such efforts,” Snyder said. “This bill eliminates barriers of communication and provides remedies for issues that arise in mobile home parks, for the safety of all residents.”

House Bill 4054, sponsored by state Rep. Andy Schor, increases communications among agencies concerning inspections and guidelines for licensed parks. This new law is an effort to improve conditions in all mobile home parks after the Life O’Riley Park in Lansing had to be condemned and its residents evacuated after it was found to be inhabitable. It is now Public Act 40 of 2015.

The governor also signed two other bills:

—HB 4017, sponsored by state Rep. Jeff Farrington, provides immunity from criminal and civil liability for those who donate food to nonprofits for distribution. The legislation was requested by charitable organizations statewide to increase food donations and reduce waste. It is now PA 41.

—SB 139, sponsored by state Sen. Patrick Colbeck, attains more state and local control over school nutrition standards by requiring the state Department of Education to give schools the option of holding two school bake sales or other food-based fundraiser per week. It is now PA 42.

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