Credit union inspires art in communities with Art Action Experience


Genisys Credit Union which provides services to anyone who lives or works in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, inspires art in communities with "The Art Action Experience."

The Art Action Experience is an interactive mural-making process for adults and children of all ages. Artist Daniel Cascardo uses black paint to create a variety of abstract and symbiotic imagery on canvas or three dimensional surfaces, usually to the rhythm of music. Once completed, people are invited to add color, pattern, shapes, and other visual elements to the surface. The surface is transformed into a "snapshot of the moment" in a real time interactive art event. Cascardo later completes the piece in his studio making it a professional work of art. It is an inspiring process that builds teamwork and engages the exploration of each individual's creativity.

"Genisys Credit Union is pleased to sponsor The Art Action Experience to help bring support of the arts in our local communities. The inspiration that is drawn from these projects and the creativity from people is a wonderful collaborative experience," said Jackie Buchanan, president and CEO of Genisys Credit Union.

Genisys Credit Union will be sponsoring five community art action projects in local areas. Recently, The Art Action Experience participated at the Metro Detroit Youth Day event in July and the Montrose Blueberry Festival mid-August, both events sponsored by Genisys. These experiences brought communities together in a fun artistic way to create a colorful scene representing the theme of the event. Attendees of all ages used their various abilities to design and color the mural. A final mural of the art project will be donated back to each community.

"The energy that comes from the people and the process of the project is quite a journey and the result of that collaboration is always very inspiring for me and for them," stated Cascardo, artist and owner of The Art Action Experience.

The next art project will take place in Lake Orion at the Dragon on the Lake event. The Art Action Experience may be found in the Kids Zone at the Orion Art Center on Saturday, August 29, from 2 to 6 p.m. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun to create the artistic masterpiece.

Published: Wed, Aug 26, 2015