Reward offered in killing local of cats

Ferndale Cat Shelter (FCS) and Crime Stoppers of Michigan (CSM) are offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the person or persons responsible for killing five cats and kittens in Hazel Park in late September or early October.

The animals were found bludgeoned to death in the neighborhood of Eight Mile and John R roads. Hazel Park Police Detective Janeen Gielniak investigated the crime and contacted Benjamin Long, a Ferndale-based business attorney who founded FCS and chairs its board of directors.

Long used FCS’s social media connections to obtain news media coverage of the crime and raise funds for the reward. FCS initially offered a $1,000 reward, which CSM has matched, he said.

“If someone were upset by the cats, there are so many organizations that would have helped remove them in order to prevent their killing,” Long said. “Alternatively, if someone is killing cats for a thrill, I’m worried they will continue to kill, perhaps even graduating to killing dogs or people.”

Long said Gielniak continues to investigate the crime. She can be contacted at 248-542-6161, ext. 345.

Several local organizations assisted by removing cats from the area and obtaining necropsies on the dead animals, Long said. Feral Kitty Trappers TNR (, located in South Lyon, trapped all of the cats and has found homes or barns for several of them. They also obtained the necropsies. Crafty Cat Rescue (, located in Ann Arbor, has several of the cats available for adoption.

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