Prison sentences for four more Detroit principals who got gifts

DETROIT (AP) - Four more Detroit school principals have been sent to prison for taking cash and gifts from a contractor.

Ronald Alexander, who pleaded guilty to accepting $23,000, wasn't remorseful last Thursday. He called himself a "hero" to families and a victim of the scheme.

Federal Judge Victoria Roberts wasn't swayed, noting Alexander had pleaded guilty. She sentenced him to a year in prison, the same punishment given to principal Gerlma Johnson.

Tanya Bowman was sentenced to nine months in prison, and Tia'Von Moore-Patton got six months.

Prosecutors say bogus invoices were submitted for paper and other supplies. In exchange, principals received gift cards, cash and checks from contractor Norman Shy. He was sentenced to five years in prison this week.

The government says the scheme cost the district nearly $3 million.

Published: Mon, Sep 12, 2016


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