The American Bar Association's Law Practice Division has released the latest edition of "The 2017 Solo and Small Firm Legal Technology Guide," written to help lawyers find the best technology for their budget.

The guide includes the most current information and recommendations on computers, servers, networking equipment, legal software, printers, security products, smartphones, tablets, and anything else a law office might need.

"The 2017 Solo and Small Firm Legal Technology Guide" will help lawyers make technology work for their unique needs. Topics include:

- Updated recommendations on hardware and software for PCs and Macs.

- Securing your data (even from our own government).

- The latest in social media - from an acknowledged social media expert.

- The evolving smartphone market, and which ones work best for lawyers.

- The security issues and benefits of cloud computing.

- Favorite utilities and apps for lawyers.

- The direction of legal technology in 2017.

The guide is written by Fairfax, Va.-based Sensei Enterprises, Inc., executives Sharon D. Nelson, John W. Simek, and Michael C. Maschke. Nelson is president of Sensei Enterprises, a digital forensics, information technology and information security firm in Fairfax, Va.

"The 2017 Solo and Small Firm Legal Technology Guide" is 452 pages and costs $89.95. To order, call 800-285-2221 or visit

Published: Fri, Apr 14, 2017