Honorees: Forty-year bar members earn a royal salute

By Tom Kirvan
Legal News

A contingent of 66 lawyers comprised the “Class of 1977” honorees at the Annual Meeting of the Oakland County Bar Association June 1 at the Townsend Hotel in Birmingham.

The group of 40-Year Honorees was recognized during an awards ceremony that preceded the 83rd Annual Meeting of the OCBA, and included distinguished members of the bench and bar.

The honorees included: Nina Dodge Abrams, Lawrence J. Acker, James L. Allen, David Carl Anderson, Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Martha Anderson, Thomas J. Azoni, Michael A. Bank, Kenneth R. Bershad, Samuel J. Bienenstock, Kenneth D. Bilodeau, Thomas R. Bowen, and Bowden V. Brown.

Also saluted at the ceremony were John A. Carlson, Ralph A. Castelli Jr., Ronald P. Cheli, Edward C. Dawda, David R. Dawson, Donald A. Deneweth, Gary L. Dovre, Timothy E. Egerer, Joseph H. Ehrlich, Michael S. Feldman, David H. Fink, Daniel J. Flaggman, Steven B. Galbraith, Kenneth G. Galica, D. Stewart Green, and Henry M. Grix.

Other 40-year honorees: Steven E. Hall, Oakland County Probate Court Judge Linda Hallmark, Shirley A. Hanna, Jeffrey A. Hansche, Harvey R. Heller, James F. Hewson, Michael J. Hutchinson, Douglas A. Hyman, J. Steven Johnston, Lynda Krupp, Eric J. Liblang, Frank Mafrice, Curtis J. Mann, and Charles L. McKelvie.

Also in the spotlight June 1 were Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Phyllis C. McMillen, retired Judge Susan M. Moiseev, Patrick A. Moritz, Timothy J. Mullins, James K. O’Brien, Dennis M. Rauss, Debra N. Ribitwer, Kurt E. Riedel, Robert S. Rollinger, Robert P. Roth, Stephen M. Ryan, Jeffrey A. Sadowski, and Larry J. Saylor.

Rounding out the honorees were John J. Schrot, Bruce L. Sendek, Roger A. Smith, William S. Stern, Nelson B. Stieper, Witold Sztykiel, Richard B. Tonlinson, Douglas A. Tull, Howard J. Victor, Christopher J. Webb, and Andrew M. Zack.