Governor signs legislation for Detroit teams license plates

Michigan sports fans can now represent their favorite team on their license plate under legislation signed Monday by Gov. Rick Snyder.

“Michigan has incredible sports teams and I’m proud our residents can now display their support while donating to a worthy cause,” Snyder said.

Senate Bill 178, sponsored by state Sen. Jim Stamas, creates fundraising license plates for the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Pistons, Detroit Red Wings, and Detroit Lions. The bill is now Public Act 326 of 2018.

Snyder also signed 10 additional measures:

• HB 4360, sponsored by state Rep. Pete Lucido, prohibits local governments, law enforcement agencies, and universities from opening new motor vehicle storage facilities. The bill is now PA 327 of 2018.

• SB 888, sponsored by state Sen. John Proos, modifies several sections of the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement Act to clarify membership status of employees. The bill is now PA 328 of 2018.

• SB 916, sponsored by state Sen. Mike Kowall, provides clarity for the regulation and licensing of automated recycling kiosks. The bill is now PA 329 of 2018.

• HB 5811, sponsored by state Rep. Diana Farrington, amends the Michigan Notary Public Act to allow the practice of remote electronic notarization. The bill is now PA 330 of 2018.

• SBs 757-758, sponsored by state Sen. Marty Knollenberg, amends current law to make exceptions for permitting requirements for the installation, maintenance, replacement, or servicing of a low-voltage electric fence. The bills are now PAs 331-332 of 2018.

• SB 908, sponsored by state Sen. Curtis Hertel, revises the terms of a 2004 sale to the City of Lansing of the Groesbeck Golf Course site. The bill would remove a condition that the city not charge non-residents any more than residents for use of the property, including but not limited to golf. The bill is now PA 333 of 2018.

• SB 1036, sponsored by state Sen. Wayne Schmidt, authorizes the transfer of the former Pugsley prison, Deerfield prison, Camp Tuscola, and Caro facilities from DTMB to the Michigan Land Bank within the Department of Talent and Economic Development for the purpose of economic development. The transfer of these properties brings forth an opportunity for economic development in their respective counties. The bill is now PA 334 of 2018.

• HBs 5652-5653, sponsored by state Reps. John Reilly and Eric Leutheuser, respectively, eliminates a statutory requirement that certain interest rate assumptions be used in determining survivor benefits associated with judges’ and state employee retirement allowances. The bills are now PAs 335 and 336 of 2018.

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