Sylvan Lake cleanup efforts completed by agencies

The Oakland County Water Resources Commissioners’ Office (WRC) joined multiple agencies to address the diesel fuel spill that impacted Sylvan Lake on the evening of Saturday, Sept. 1. A fuel sheen was reported along the north shore of the lake, and collected at the outlet of the lake, on the west side of the bridge at Telegraph Road, and was going into the Clinton River under Telegraph Road.

The spill was first reported to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, who initiated an immediate response by the Oakland County Hazmat Division, the Oakland County Office of Homeland Security, the West Bloomfield Fire Department, the Waterford Fire Department, the Sylvan Lake Fire Department, and Oakland County WRC. Booming was installed at Telegraph Road and further downstream on the Clinton River and the Dam at Dawson’s Mill Pond, which was closed to contact and collect the spill. Additional agencies contributing to the effort included the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), the Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) and the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) who assisted in trying to locate the source for the spill.

WRC reports that the source of the diesel fuel spill could not be determined. Containment, collection, cleanup and disposal of booming was completed by cleanup contractor Marine Pollution Control on Sept. 5. A thorough examination of the site indicates no further traces of fuel on the lake, in the river or on Dawson’s Mill Pond. The cleanup was successfully completed Wednesday morning with the booms removal from the lakes provided by Marine Pollution Control (MPC). The booms were disposed and landfilled, after thorough investigation by WRC, as there were no longer traces of fuel found in the lake.

“My team reacted quickly and thoroughly, leading efforts to contain and clean up the spill. We appreciate working with the other agencies on this issue,” said Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner Jim Nash.


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