Flint brothers convicted of lesser charges in second trial

FLINT (AP) - Two Flint brothers have been convicted of lesser charges in a second trial after an appeals court threw out their second-degree murder convictions.

Keonte and Marquel Sadler were granted new trials because of incomplete jury instructions during the first round. They were charged in the fatal shooting of a man behind a Flint liquor store in 2014.

Keonte Sadler faces up to 17 years in prison after a manslaughter conviction and other crimes. It's a lighter punishment than his minimum 50-year term for murder from the first trial. Defense attorney Carl Jordan tells The Flint Journal it's a "huge difference."

Marquel Sadler was convicted of a gun crime.

The Sadlers were at the scene of the shooting. But lawyers say one brother was forced to use force to defend the other from an angry mob.

Published: Tue, Oct 30, 2018