'To eDiscovery and Beyond'


The Detroit Chapter of the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS) hosted its fourth Annual eDiscovery Symposium September 26-27. The event, titled “To eDiscovery and Beyond,” featured a keynote address by Maura Grossman on the topic “Artificial Intelligence and the Law: Real Benefits and Challenges.” Among the speakers and panelists at the symposium were (front row, left to right) Mary Mack, Kaylee Walstad, Jay Yelton, Jacob Koering, Maura Grossman, Jennifer Persky, Thomas Isaacs, Martin Holmes, Robin Stewart, Megan McKnight, Ingrid Evert, Paula Haines, and Denise Bach; along with (back row, left to right) Barbara Bennett, Karen Hassevoort, John Pappas, Phillip Shane, Joe Brown, Kent County Circuit Court Judge Christopher Yates, David Horrigan, Peter Bruce, Stephen Goldstein, Dante Stella, Thomas Gricks, Carlos Torregrosa, and Scott Petz.

– Photo by John Meiu