Oakland County Circuit and Probate Courts celebrate Constitution Day and Patriot Week

In celebration of the signing of the U.S. Constitution and honoring the document that protects our essential rights, the Oakland County Circuit and Probate Courts have created three unique opportunities to celebrate Constitution Day and Patriot Week this year. Constitution Day marks the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution on September 17, and Patriot Week renews the spirit of America from 9/11 to 9/17.

A Constitution Day video includes an introduction to Constitution Day, a reflection back on the history and importance of this historical day, as well as a discussion on America’s founding first principles and documents.  Another segment compares and contrasts freedoms in the United States versus freedoms around the world. James Madison makes a cameo appearance with an entertaining Quiz Bowl and tests your knowledge of the Constitution.

The final portion of the program is a stirring Call to Action for this generation as well as generations to come by Patriot Week co-creator Leah Warren.
A video tour of the Courthouse includes visits with a K-9 officer, Sheriff Michael Bouchard, Clerk & Register of Deeds Lisa Brown, Chief Probate Judge Kathleen Ryan, co-creator of Patriot Week Judge Michael Warren, as well as others.

Links to the Constitution Day and Courthouse Tour videos are available at www.PatriotWeek.org.

The Circuit and Probate Courts are also hosting live Constitution Day Breakout sessions on Constitution Day with 240 students from Oakland County who will appear before several judges via Zoom.  Students will interact with volunteer attorneys on two constitutional cases regarding the First and Fourth Amendments and make their arguments before a Circuit Judge, Probate Judge or a Judge from the Michigan Court of Appeals.

To learn more about Constitution Day and Patriot Week, visit patriotweek.org.


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