'Black Women and Systemic Gendered Racism' explored webinar

The Diversity and Inclusion Action Team of the State Bar of Michigan's Alternative Dispute Resolution Section is proud to present Dr. Tsedale M. Melaku discussing "You Don't Look Like A Lawyer: Black Women and Systemic Gendered Racism" in a webinar on Thursday, September 9, from noon to 2 p.m. via Zoom.

Melaku's presentation examines the concept of intersectionality and how its understanding plays a critical role in (re-)defining allyship. The presentation addresses why organizations should care about intersectionality and its importance on the workplace experiences of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). Building on this foundation, the presentation further examines the role of privilege (the power to bring people to the table) and how it can be deployed to help BIPOC and other marginalized colleagues in the workplace and personal settings.

Melaku will address how last year's national conversations surrounding police brutality, structural inequality, and white supremacy have led organizations to make public statements and declarations to uproot systemic racism. Her presentation will conclude with an accountability framework for organizations and actionable steps to promote allyship.

Melaku is a sociologist, postdoctoral research fellow at the Graduate Center, CUNY, and author of "You Don't Look Like a Lawyer: Black Women and Systemic Gendered Racism," which reflects the emphasis of her scholarly interests on race, gender, class, workplace inequities, intersectionality, and organizations. "You Don't Look Like a Lawyer" focuses on how race and gender play a crucial role in women of color's experiences in traditionally white institutional spaces. Melaku's work has been featured in the Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, Bloomberg Law, Inside Higher Ed, Forbes, Fortune, Teen Vogue, and other outlets. Melaku is currently working on her second book, "The Handbook on Workplace Diversity and Stratification," while also researching the impact of COVID-19, racial upheaval, and political polarization on the experiences of women of color in the workplace.

There is no cost to register for the September 9 webinar. For additional information or to register, visit https://connect.michbar.org/adr/home and click on "events/"