Monday Profile: Siri Gottlieb

Siri Gottlieb has 33 years of experience as a trial attorney and social worker. Her private Ann Arbor practice now focuses on divorce mediation, divorce coaching, parenting coordination and psychotherapy. A frequent presenter at international conferences, she lectures locally on negotiation techniques and issues pertaining to the impact of divorce on families. What do you consider the most overrated virtue? I don't think we can do without any of them. The problem is sanctimonious folks who claim virtuousness without truly acting virtuously. What is your favorite quality in a man? A twinkle in the eye. What is your favorite quality in a woman? Lack of vanity. What trait do you most deplore in others? Selfishness. What trait do you most deplore in yourself? Selfishness. Which talent would you most want to have? Card-counting. When and where were you the happiest? Right here, right now. Life is a blessing. Where would you live if you couldn't live here? In Manhattan, where my kids and granddaughter are. What is your favorite possession? Thing: A watercolor painted by my mom when I was a child. Characteristic: A loving heart. What is your favorite book/movie/song? Book: "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen. Movie: "The Big Chill". Song: "Handel's oratorio The Messiah," which I sing every year with the U of M Choral Union. Which words or phrases do you most overuse? ''Lovely!'' That's because that's how I feel most of the time! What is your favorite beverage: Favorite winter beverage: Hot buttered grapefruit juice toddy. Favorite summer beverage: Homemade limeade with fizzy water. Which living person do you most admire? My dad, who practiced law for 55 years in Genesee County, is beloved in the professional community for his honor and generosity, retains his great sense of humor despite the aches and pains of old age, greets each day with gratitude and enthusiasm, and keeps a sunny outlook despite the profound loss of my mother a few years back. What is your greatest achievement? My two children, who are self-supporting in New York City and contributing members of society! Published: Mon, Jan 16, 2012