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  • ‘We the People’ must step up to the election plate this year

    July 19, 2024

    Eight years ago, on a baseball field in Detroit, a federal jurist made a plea to a group of men and women of various nationalities who were about to become U.S. citizens, urging “each and every one of you to register to vote as soon as possible” for the upcoming elections.

  • Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco to speak at ABA General Assembly Aug. 2

    July 19, 2024

    U.S. Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco will deliver the keynote speech at the American Bar Association’s General Assembly in Chicago on Aug. 2.

  • Michigan’s new safe storage law takes aim at gun violence epidemic

    July 19, 2024

    Gun violence is at the forefront of every election, political and legal conversation, and provisions relative to gun safety find their way into domestic relations orders at times.

  • Legal publication names Schroder a Go-To Cannabis Lawyer

    July 19, 2024

    When you think about cannabis law in Michigan, the state’s top legal news publication wants attorney Jeffrey Schroder of  Plunkett Cooney, one of the Midwest’s oldest and most accomplished law firms, to come to mind. 

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