MSHDA Awards $850,000 in Housing Resource Fund Grants

Calhoun, Cass and Jackson counties will benefit LANSING, Mich. -Scott Woosley, executive director of the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA), today announced a total of $850,000 in Housing Resource Fund (HRF) grants, which will allow home rehabilitation and emergency repair projects to move forward in three counties. Calhoun and Jackson counties will each receive $300,000 grants, while Cass County will get a $250,000 grant. "Projects that stem from these grants have great potential to create a positive and sustained community impact," Woosley said. "As the physical condition of housing in these areas improves, pride of ownership is restored and nearby homeowners feel empowered to improve their homes and businesses. All of this has a significant ripple effect on the county and its residents." The grantees: * Calhoun County will receive $300,000 to rehabilitate six owner-occupied homes and provide emergency repairs to another nine. For details, contact Nina Smith, 269.781.0806. * Cass County will receive $250,000 to rehabilitate six owner-occupied homes and provide emergency repairs on another four. Half of the grant will be utilized countywide, and other half will be strategically targeted. For details, contact Tara Myer, 269.445.4420. * Jackson County will receive $300,000 to rehabilitate 12 owner-occupied homes and assist 13 homeowners with emergency repairs. For details, contact James Shotwell, 517.787.4108. Each county will receive a small percentage of the funding to oversee administrative operations of the program. Local governmental units are eligible to apply for funding from the HRF for affordable housing projects through the Office of Community Development at MSHDA. The HRF is comprised primarily of federal funds from the HOME Investment Partnership and the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), supplemented by allocations of MSHDA funds. Published: Mon, Aug 19, 2013