State Bar dedicates memorial garden for the late Will Kramer

The State Bar of Michigan staff dedicated a garden June 17 in front of its Lansing headquarters in memory of the late William “Will” Kramer III, who served as the State Bar’s Director of Information Technology Services from 2000 until his death in June of 2013.

Kramer’s wife, Suzanna (Suzie), two children, William (Kiv) and Alexandra (Allie) and his father, William Jr., attended the ceremony.

Kramer’s children and father added plants to the garden. His father brought lilies of the valley that Kramer had transplanted from his home to his father’s. His father said it was fitting that he now transplant those lilies of the valley again to a place shared by his work family. 

Kramer’s impact on the State Bar was enormous. Even before his illness, he served as role model  for integrity, diligence, dignity and kindness. As he has struggled through the challenges of his illness, he became an extraordinary example of how to live.