2015 incoming class reflects MSU Law's national reach

The incoming 2015 JD students reflect MSU Law's reputation as a nationally ranked law school on the cutting edge of legal education.

On the first day of Immersion Week, 285 students from 35 states and five countries have accepted offers to join the 2015 entering class. In addition to the 45 percent of students who are Michigan residents, the top represented states are Illinois, Texas, California, Florida, and Wisconsin. About 10 percent come from countries outside the United States, including 18 students from Ottawa, Canada, where MSU has a joint JD program with the University of Ottawa.

"At a time when the national pool of law school applicants is at a 30-year low, MSU Law continues attract a cross section of students with diverse personal and professional backgrounds," MSU Law Dean Joan W. Howarth said. "They recognize MSU Law provides an outstanding legal education to prepare them to practice law for their first job and well into their careers as jurists."

For the first time in the law school's history, women outnumber men in the incoming class. About 22 percent of the incoming students identify as being a member of a minority group. The students represent 149 undergraduate colleges and universities and 58 majors.

Published: Mon, Aug 24, 2015