Monday Profile Matthew Zick

Matthew Zick is a criminal law attorney with 22 years experience.

He is the prosecuting attorney for three local municipalities in the downriver area: the city of Flat Rock (19 years); city of Taylor (nine years); Wayne County Metro Airport Authority (nine years).

Outside the municipal prosecutions, the vast majority of Zick's practice is driver's license restoration appeals cases. He handles both administrative hearings and circuit court appeals and even co-authored a book on the topic titled "Get Your Michigan Driver's License Back!" that can be found on Amazon.

Matthew Zick is the oldest of three children and came into the law naturally as both his parents were attorneys. His father, William J. Zick, was an administrative law judge with the Michigan Employment Security Commission (as it was then known) and his mother, Jill Zick, was a long-time family law attorney in the down river area. In fact, the two practiced together until her retirement last year, forming a mother-son legal team unique to the area.

Zick earned his undergrad degree in political science, with distinction, from the University of Michigan-Dearborn, and his law degree from Wayne State University.

He is a past president of the Downriver Bar Association, and a member of the Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan.

By Jo Mathis
Legal News

Residence: Riverview

What is your most treasured material possession? A 12-inch replica of the Rocky Balboa statue that stands outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Favorite local hangouts: McDonald's, Slows BBQ, Gold Cash Gold.

What's the most exciting thing in your personal life today? The kids start school this month. My daughter, Monica, is starting second grade and my son, Patrick, is starting first grade. They attend the same elementary school I attended when I was a kid, which is kind of surreal.

What's most exciting in your professional life right now? Defending an Assault with Intent to Murder/ Felony Firearm case that is going to trial in a couple of weeks.

What gadget can't you live without? Obviously, my iPhone is my lifeline. I can't leave the house without it. I would have to say the app that I can't live without is Google Maps. As an attorney, I drive all over the region and now with turn-by-turn directions, I never get lost. Back in the day, I would pull over on the shoulder of a road and pull out a tri-fold map and desperately try to figure out where I was going. I'm glad those days are over.

Who is on your guest list for the ideal dinner party? My immediate family; President Obama; Coach Jim Harbaugh; Jim Hoffmaster; Ellen DeGeneres; and-because someone has to cook-Chef Bobby Flay.

What's the most awe-inspiring place you've ever been? Michigan Stadium on a football Saturday.

What is one thing you would like to learn to do? American Sign Language.

What is something most people don't know about you? I once backpacked through the Grand Canyon from rim-to-rim in three days over a Memorial Day weekend.

What is the best advice you ever received? Under-promise and over-deliver. Never the other way around.

If you can help it, where will you never return? East Lansing. (Go Blue!)

Published: Mon, Sep 26, 2016

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