ABA offers roadmap of legal, medical issues to help people considering assisted reproduction

The American Bar Association has a new book addressing legal and medical issues to aid those who may be considering assisted reproduction.

“The ABA Consumer Guide to Assisted Reproduction,” by Jeffrey Kasky and Marla Neufeld, covers assisted reproductive technology from A to Z. The book is designed to educate the consumer in choosing medical providers, legal representatives and other key players throughout the assisted reproduction process.

The book provides a critical understanding of the protocols to enter into appropriate legal contracts while addressing the issues that may arise pre-and post-birth.

Filled with insider tips and shortcuts from people well versed in the process, the books captures the expertise of renowned fertility physicians, embryologists, attorneys, mental health professionals and others who have personally been through their own assisted reproduction experience.

Kasky, a lawyer from Delray Beach, Fla., is also the co-author of “The ABA Consumer Guide to Adopting a Child,” a best-selling book that helps prospective adopters navigate the adoption process with confidence to make good decisions every step of the way. He is president of The Autism Channel, Inc. (www.theautismchannel.tv) and has written extensively on adoption and other topics.

Neufeld is an attorney in the Fort Lauderdale, Fla., office of Greenspoon Marder’s P.A. and founder of the firm’s assisted reproductive technology practice group. Drawing from her own journey with infertility and the use of a gestational surrogate, Neufeld focuses on helping others start a family using the available third-party reproductive technologies and adoption laws.