Get to Know Eric Lore

Eric Lore is an associate attorney at Alane Family Law, P.C., in Lansing, where he focuses exclusively on family law issues primarily in the counties of Ingham, Clinton, Eaton, Ionia, and Jackson. He is an active member of the Ingham County Bar Association.

A lifelong Michigan resident, Eric went to high school in the Ann Arbor area and received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan. He later graduated magna cum laude from Thomas M. Cooley Law School.

Eric lives in Holt with his wife, Danielle, and his children: eight-year-old Laila and nine-month-old Cooper. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling with his family, following University of Michigan sports, and a round of golf whenever he gets a chance.

By Sheila Pursglove

Legal News

What advice do you have for someone considering law school?
Go for it! Get involved, find a mentor, and network like crazy!

What would surprise people about your job?
I’m not in court every minute of every day. Oftentimes, avoiding adversarial proceedings is the best course of action for the client. Some of my most satisfying moments as an attorney consist of sitting around a table with both parties and both attorneys negotiating an agreement that allows both parties to move forward with their lives.

What’s your proudest moment as a lawyer?
Getting sworn in. My wife was with me and it was a culmination of all the hard work and sacrifice that we went through together.

If you could have one super power, what would it be? Having a crystal ball. It would be nice to know ahead of time how a case will turn out or what a judge will decide.

What’s the best advice you ever received? Your reputation is everything.

Favorite websites:;;

Favorite app: Slack. We use it for communication in our office and it’s invaluable.

Favorite music: I’m not a music person. My favorite song would have to be U of M’s fight song, “The Victors,” though it’s not too popular around these parts (Lansing) for some reason.

What is your happiest childhood memory?
My grandparents used to take all of the grandkids to Boblo Island Amusement Park each summer. I can still remember the excitement of riding the ferry over to the island.

What do you wish someone would invent? A third day of the weekend would be nice.

What has been your favorite year so far and why? 2017. I joined my new firm in January, bought a house and moved my family in April, welcomed our baby boy in June, and adopted my daughter in August. It was quite the whirlwind!

If you could trade places with someone for a day, who would that be?
My 9-month-old son—I’d love to see the world through his eyes.

What are your most treasured material possessions? My golf clubs

What’s the most awe-inspiring place you’ve been?
You can’t beat watching a football game under the lights at Michigan Stadium.

What’s one thing you would like to learn to do?
Cook. I’m useless in the kitchen.

What is something most people don't know about you?
I have three sisters. Two of them have married guys named Eric. It can make things a little confusing at family gatherings.

Favorite place to spend money:
Seems like these days it all goes toward diapers and formula.  

What is your motto? From my basketball playing days: you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Which living person do you most admire? My dad. He works harder than anyone I know, but he always has time to help with a problem, fix something, or play with his grandkids.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement? I’m very proud of the family that my wife and I have built together. There is no greater achievement in my mind.

What is the most unusual thing you’ve done? Marrying my sister. It’s not what it sounds like! I had the honor of performing the ceremony at my sister’s wedding. Very cool experience!

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