ABA book addresses legal profession's struggle to achieve a more diverse bar

Recently published by the American Bar Association, “Fix It: How History, Sports, and Education Can Inform Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Today” addresses the legal profession’s struggle to achieve a more diverse bar.

Author, attorney and diversity and inclusion leader Kenneth Imo brings issues of unfairness, tradition and bias into focus while offering improvements that will benefit lawyers, the bar and future attorneys.

“Fix It” gives law firms the perspective and strategies to overcome the barriers to equal opportunity, progressing from altruism to action. Placing diversity in the context of great leaders like Harriet Tubman (the famed Underground Railroad conductor and little-known Union military strategist) and Branch Rickey (the architect behind integrating baseball), Imo shows how inclusion benefits both the people harnessing new opportunities and the organizations reaching innovative solutions.

By identifying the problems in the education pipeline and proposing changes that will reorganize the hiring, evaluation and promotion of lawyers, this volume highlights the importance of diversity and the positive impact of true inclusivity. “Fix It” reflects on the negative consequences of homogeneity in history and today’s current culture while offering hope for a brighter future by embracing the power of difference.

Prior to joining Capital One’s diversity and inclusion leadership team, Imo led diversity efforts for two international law firms during his 10-plus years in private practice. He began his legal career in the U.S. Air Force Judge Advocate General Corps as a captain and received his law degree from Wake Forest University School of Law.

“Fix It: How History, Sports, and Education Can Inform Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Today” costs $49.95 and can be ordered by calling 800-285-2221 or online at shopaba.org.