Art for grief healing's sake

By Cynthia Price

“Louise is amazing; she does so much for our community,” says Beth Bolthouse, a bereavement counselor at Harbor Hospice and director of The Bob and Merle Scolnik Healing Center now housed there, about Louise Hopson of Art Cats Gallery. “I don’t think people are aware of all the ways she supports different causes.”

Bolthouse’s organization was one of those causes last Friday and Saturday when Art Cats gave a portion of sales to support the Healing Center’s biggest fund-raiser. The fourth annual Pooches and People Picnic will be held April 13, and it promises to be a good time for all.

The Art Cats event was successful despite the power outages, which were sporadic in the Lakeshore Drive building that houses Art Cats. Hopson, who had on a coat, pointed out that while the overhead lights were on, the lights in the display cases were out.

Hopson, who has been making her own bright and cheerful clay pieces for over 30 years, said she is very pleased with the new wall-hung “love birds” by Healther Tuttle shown on page 1 (among Hopson’s work and that of others.

The Scolnik Healing Center became part of Harbor Hospice in January 2017 when the sponsor, Mercy Hospice, united with Harbor.   The center, which provides grief counseling services and support groups to people of all ages, moved to 1050 W. Western, where Harbor Hospice’s offices are.

The Bob and Merle Scolnik Healing Center also provides Camp Courage, a weekend retreat for children ages 6 to 19, and  a community remembrance in the fall, held at downtown’s Heritage Memorial Garden. As covered in previous Examiners, the event offers the ability to gather together for music and readings, and to plant flower bulbs in memory of loved ones.

The Pooches and People Picnic, which will be at Fricano Place, will feature a Canine Costume Parade (register through EventBrite), microchipping and other services for pets, a “smooches with pooches” kissing booth, and lunch by Fatty Lumpkins.

To donate items for its auction call 231-728-3442 or email by April 5.

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