ABA book outlines the legal precedents set in aviation cases

The complexities of flying and navigating often leave room for error, both human and mechanical. The recently published American Bar Association book “The Law and Liability of Small Aircraft” discusses the jurisprudence of typical dilemmas in aviation, divided into product liability and regulatory schemes.

In concise and compelling sections, author Cecil C. Kuhne breaks down the facts of these cases all while acknowledging the life-threatening injuries and tragic deaths that often result from small aircraft crashes.

This compact text quickly dissects previous cases citing faulty aircraft design, engines and defects, as well as allegations that crashes resulted from failure to report weather conditions, complete flight training, perform proper procedure or execute compliant maintenance. Negligence features prominently in these lawsuits leveled against corporations, the government and pilots themselves.

“The Law and Liability of Small Aircraft” details the litigation that has resulted from small airplane and helicopter crashes in a way useful to any attorney dealing with liability or personal injury.

Kuhne is a litigator in the Dallas office of Norton Rose Fulbright. He primarily practices corporate investigations and analysis in a range of commercial disputes.