ABA book addresses how to hire and retire

Recently published by the American Bar Association, “Hire and Retire: A Plan for a Continuing Income Stream in Retirement from Any Practice” by Gary P. Bauer shares practical advice for everyone, from the new law school graduate to the seasoned lawyer looking to retire.

“Hire and Retire” is the second book in Bauer’s “Solo Lawyer” series for the ABA’s Solo, Small Firm and General Practice (GPSolo) Division. For more than 20 years, he has been actively involved in helping students better understand the business of law and how they might use their law degree to their greatest advantage.

Many older lawyers have no plan in place in case of their untimely death or disability, despite their ethical obligations to their clients. Because of this, more and more state bar associations are being called on to close out the practices of solo practitioners who have made no provisions. Instead of transferring work to others, lawyers end up slowly reducing their practices. Delegating the workload to a new associate means a continued stream of income as the senior attorney cuts back. In his latest book, Bauer offers valuable tools and transition options for lawyers’ advancement and well-being.

Making plans for the future of your career takes hard work and preparation. With “Hire and Retire,” Bauer hopes that older lawyers will see new lawyers as collaborators that can energize their practice and continue its success.

Bauer has been on the faculty at Western Michigan University Cooley Law School since 1998. He has worked as a criminal defense attorney and is the director of the school’s Sixty Plus, Inc., Elderlaw Clinic, where he teaches estate planning to third-year law students. He has served as chair of the Practice Management Section of the State Bar of Michigan and the Legal Educators Committee for the ABA’s GPSolo Division. He is an accomplished author, public speaker and educator with a desire to help all lawyers find success in practice.

“Hire and Retire: A Plan for a Continuing Income Stream in Retirement from Any Practice” costs $49.95 and can be ordered by calling 800-285-2221 or online at shopaba.org.