Tracey Brame serves on WLAM panel about implicit bias

WMU-Cooley Associate Dean Tracey Brame recently served as a panelist for the Women Lawyers Association of Michigan’s discussion on Interrupting Implicit Bias. The discussion, moderated by Chelsea Austin and organized by Laura Danielson, both Grand Rapids area attorneys, used examples from a Joan C. Williams’ video and book, "What Works for Women at Work.” Other panelists included Raquel Guzman, Kris Vanden Berg, and Judge Maureen Gottlieb.

While viewing a portion of Williams’ video, a discussion was held about how often women leaders are perceived differently at work than men leaders. Williams gave suggestions that may help women advance in their leadership roles.  She said that most men feel qualified to ask for a raise, promotion, etc., if they meet most but not all of the stated qualifications or goals, but many women will feel they must meet or even exceed all of the qualifications or goals.  Williams encouraged women to believe in themselves because if they do not, no one else will either.

Each panelist shared their thoughts and ideas, and some of their own experiences.  Brame said that at times during legal representation inappropriate comments were made toward her, but currently, while working in academia, “things that are unique about me have been celebrated by the law school."