ABA publishes 'Meeting the Legal Needs of Disaster Survivors: Third Responders'

A new book from the American Bar Association, “Meeting the Legal Needs of Disaster Survivors: Third Responders,” brings together some of the United States’ most knowledgeable experts on disaster law to provide a critical resource for pro bono attorneys and other stakeholders.

Part One discusses Disaster Legal Services, the partnership between the ABA Young Lawyers Division and FEMA that is a leading facilitator of pro bono legal disaster response in the U.S., and the Disaster Recovery Clinic at Hofstra University, a model for how legal education can contribute to disaster response. This section also covers strategies for managing compassion fatigue and the psychological impact of disaster response work.

Part Two provides background and guidance on key issues that pro bono disaster response attorneys encounter:

• Equitable access for non-English speakers and other marginalized groups

• FEMA Individual Assistance Program

• FEMA Individuals and Households Program

• Common complications in documenting homeownership

• Flood insurance claims

• Tenant rights and post-disaster challenges for renters

“Meeting the Legal Needs of Disaster Survivors: Third Responders” is available as a paperback and eBook for $69.95.

To order a copy, visit www.shopaba.org.