A hidden but huge threat to mid-term elections

Many people are aware of the alleged election issues from the 2020 elections and the various legislative proposals in response. However, there is a much more impactful and larger voting rights issue that looms large.

The production and distribution of ballots and related election materials is a very complex logistical process that requires specialized organizations and resources. These firms are extremely concerned that supply chain and related issues will not allow them to produce the required volume of ballots, envelopes, and other election related material for the upcoming mid-term elections across the United States. Limited paper availability regardless of price is the primary issue.

Paper mills in the United States and Canada have for decades been closing or converted to making packaging material (boxes for Amazon, Walmart, etc.) because they couldn’t compete with newer or subsidized mills overseas. Most all the paper used specifically for paper ballots is produced in North America and the reduction in capacity has created these volume constraints. Paper for election envelopes and other items is produced here and overseas and been impacted by the very well publicized global supply chain issues.

Without these critical supplies available to the vendors many citizens could be disenfranchised from their right to vote in these very important upcoming elections. Congress and the White House must act quickly to ensure that the necessary resources are not diverted elsewhere but furnished to the vendors that produce this critical tool of democracy.
Bradley L. Thompson II
Detroit Legal News
& Inland Press, Detroit MI