Courts Matter Michigan offers a new educational program to promote voting and ensure nominated federal judges are qualified, diverse, fair, and impartial

Non-partisan coalition to begin offering a new and free presentation suitable for organizations, interest groups, schools, colleges, and other audiences

Courts Matter Michigan, a non-partisan coalition of diverse organizations working towards a well-functioning federal judiciary composed of qualified and impartial judges, is launching an educational program for Michigan voters. Courts Matter Michigan and members of the National Council of Jewish Women, Michigan (NCJW | MI) have produced an informative PowerPoint Presentation with accompanying script, handouts, and facilitation guide, to increase awareness and understanding of the fundamental right to vote and how it relates to the judicial system, and to inform the public on the importance of electing political officials committed to a fair and independent judiciary. While federal judges are nominated by the President, the Senate votes to confirm a nominee to a lifetime appointment. Courts Matter is mobilizing Michiganders to act, by contacting their senators to support well-qualified and diverse nominees dedicated to fairness and impartiality.  On June 22, Courts Matter Michigan will hold a virtual meeting to present the new educational program to its members, who include Sierra Club Michigan Chapter, United Way for Southeastern Michigan, Anti-Defamation League, Muslim Unity Center, Michigan Clean Water Action, Business and Professional Women of Michigan and Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan. The presentation will subsequently be offered free to organizations, interest groups, school colleges and other interested audiences.

“When people cast their vote at the ballot box, it is essential that they understand the power that a senator can have,” said Susan Marwil, Co-Chair of Courts Matter Michigan, and a Past President of NCJW | MI.  “Recent decisions by the Supreme Court have highlighted the need for judges who uphold core constitutional values and who are fair and independent. Their decisions on court cases impact all our lives.”

Courts Matter is particularly eager to reach young voters, so the presentation includes history of voting and the importance of voting for issues people care about. Its goal is to also get the vote out, particularly amongst young adults. Teachers at schools, colleges and universities are encouraged to arrange a presentation for their groups. Leaders of other organizations and adult groups are also welcome to arrange for this presentation.

Susan Marwil explained that Michiganders need to understand how knowing a political candidate’s views on all topics is important so you can vote for candidates who support your interests and values. “Even when you are voting in school board elections, you need to remember that there are some people who will use that position as a steppingstone to move up the political ladder,” she explained. “Our new educational presentation will help Michiganders understand the process and lead to the election of politicians who are committed to upholding our core constitutional values, such as equality, freedom, and justice for all.”

To join the coalition or arrange a Courts Matter Michigan presentation for your group, email or leave a phone message at NCJW | MI - 248.355.3300, Ext. 8.

Courts Matter Michigan is powered by the National Council of Jewish Women, Inc.