Levin Center offers recording of Jan. 6 Committee program

The Levin Center for Oversight and Democracy and Georgetown Law Center for Congressional Studies recently partnered to present a live and in-person panel on how the innovative approaches used by the January 6 Select Committee will affect future oversight hearings by Congress. 

A recording of that program is now available on the Levin Center’s YouTube channel and on C-SPAN.

Panelists included:

• Kristin Amerling, deputy staff director and chief counsel of the January 6 Committee

• Reginald Brown, Kirkland & Ellis partner who represented witnesses at the hearings 

• Lisa Desjardins, PBS NewsHour correspondent who covered the  January 6 hearings

• Professor David Rapallo, Georgetown University Law Center, and former longtime congressional investigator

For more iinformation on the Levin Center, visit https://levin-center.org.