Family Matters: A shooting range offering alcohol figures to backfire

By Marie Matyjaszek

Wisconsin’s Supreme Court election is ramping up to be one of the more interesting judicial races of 2024. Every time there is an open seat on the bench, constituents become concerned that the new justice will change the direction of the court’s opinions. With controversial topics such as abortion and gun control, each new justice elected can have a major impact on state laws.

One of the candidates is Jennifer Dorow, a circuit court judge in Waukesha County since 2012. She has previously shared her opinion that the worst U.S. Supreme Court decision was Lawrence v Texas, which legalized consensual sexual acts between same-sex individuals.

Her husband served in the Trump administration with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. It’s safe to say she meets all the conservative criteria one could ever wish for (if you’re into that sort of thing).

She and her husband bought a closed sportsmen’s club with the intent to create an indoor shooting range, while also hosting weddings and events at the facility.

None of this seems particularly dangerous, except for the fact that they have requested a liquor license to sell beer and wine at the facility.

To add to the convenience of one-stop-shopping, they also plan on selling guns and accessories. But don’t worry – they’ve come up with a fail-proof safety plan!  

In examining the City of Delafield Plan Commission Zoning Report from March 2022, it states:

“Member/guests will receive an inked hand stamp prior to purchasing or consuming alcohol and anyone with a hand stamp will not be permitted to use the range.” PBTs (preliminary breathalyzer test) will be available in case anyone appears suspicious, and patrons will have to “secure their firearms in their vehicles prior to obtaining any alcohol.”

I’ve been getting stamps on my hands since I was a kid – the ones that glowed under the black light were particularly exciting. Unless these stamps are permanent tattoos, I think it’s safe to say that there are a variety of ways one could remove the stamp – alcohol wipes, nail polish remover, and good old soap and water to name a few. The commission recommendation provides that the Dorows obtain their restaurant and liquor licenses, and that “[t]here shall be no shooting activities by individuals that have been drinking alcoholic beverages.” So far, the club has not opened.

Common sense says combining guns and alcohol is a mixed drink for disaster. The tragedies that can result from these types of sanctioned activities are endless, and to know that a sitting judge is not only supporting but engaging in this type of business is troubling to say the least.

This should serve as a reminder to all voters to do their research before heading to the polls.


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