Michigan Supreme Court to conduct public administrative hearing on June 7

Pursuant to Administrative Order No. 1997-11, the Michigan Supreme Court will hold a public administrative hearing on Wednesday, June 7, via video conference (Zoom). 

The hearing will begin promptly at 9:30 a.m. 

For those who wish to view the Public Hearing, a livestream can be accessed on the court’s YouTube channel.

Persons who wish to address the court regarding matters on the agenda will be allotted three minutes each to present their views, after which the speakers may be questioned by the justices. 

Each speaker will receive an invitation to participate in the Zoom meeting; the speakers will be called in order of item number and timing of request to speak. 

Speakers will join the meeting no later than 9:30 a.m. and will be muted until called on by the chief justice. 

Comments offered at a public hearing must pertain directly to an item on the public hearing agenda.  

To reserve a place on the agenda, notify the Office of Administrative Counsel by e-mail at ADMcomment@courts.mi.gov, no later than Friday, June 2. Those whom are not able to register to speak by e-mail, you may call the office at 517-373-1239.

The administrative matters on the agenda for this hearing are:

1. 2021-30 Proposed Amendments of MCR 9.220, 9.221, 9.223, 9.232, and 9.261

Published at 511 Mich ___ (2023)

Issue: Whether to adopt the proposed amendments of multiple rules that would help protect the confidentiality of a grievant who submits a request for investigation to the Judicial Tenure Commission.

2. 2022-16 Proposed Amendment of MCR 7.211

Published at 511 Mich ___ (2023)

Issue: Whether to adopt the proposed amendment of MCR 7.211 that would modify the Court of Appeals’ process for handling confessions of error.

3. 2022-37 Proposed Administrative Order No. 2022-X

Published at 510 Mich 1249 (2022)

Issue: Whether to adopt the proposed administrative order that would create a vendor-neutral citation system for Michigan appellate decisions.

4. 2021-35 Proposed Amendments of MCR 7.202 and 7.209

Published at 510 Mich 1252 (2022)

Issue: Whether to adopt the proposed amendments of MCR 7.202 and 7.209 that would eliminate certain orders denying governmental immunity to a governmental party from the definition of a “final judgment” or “final order” for purposes of subchapter 7.200 of the Michigan Court Rules, thereby eliminating the need for a stay of proceedings in those cases under MCR 7.209(E)(7).

5. 2022-03 Proposed Amendment of MCR 1.109

Published at 511 Mich ___ (2023)

Issue: Whether to adopt the proposed amendment of MCR 1.109 that would allow attorneys to provide personal pronouns in document captions and require courts to use those personal pronouns when addressing the party or attorney, either verbally or in writing, unless doing so would result in an unclear record.