Dykema's Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Practice launches Virtual Privacy Officer (VPO)

Dykema has launched a Virtual Privacy Officer (VPO) from the Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Practice Group, to enable clients to manage privacy, regulatory, and compliance obligations in one program. The program features 24/7 access to tools and resources available for privacy and/or security matters.

Some of the features include:

• Customizable tiered pricing options;

• Point-of-contact for internal client legal and business stakeholders;

• Intake, coordination, and response to data subject rights requests;

•  Drafting of and advising on language for internal privacy policies and procedures, and a variety of data protection agreements and privacy notices;

• Advising client information security team regarding the application and scope of applicable laws;

• Directing and coordinating regulatory filings;

• Developing and conducting employee and independent contractor training;

•  Internal breach management and coaching;

•  Coordinating with vendors to accomplish data mapping, implementation of software products, and addressing incidents;

• Coordinating with Dykema resources to develop applicable law analysis, 50-state/international law surveys, large-scale contract review and mapping, and ongoing continuous regulatory action analysis; and

• Acting as a client representative in discussions with vendors, customers, and regulators.

Dykema’s new VPO service comes on the heels of the Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Group’s formation of a Pixel and AdTech Privacy Task Force, which assists global corporations with advertising and marketing while navigating complexities of data usage and exchange and related regulations governing consumer data.