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A new book from the American Bar Association, “Law Office Policies, Procedures, and Operations Manual, Seventh Edition,” includes everything needed to create a complete, customized manual that can serve as a reference guide for a firm and as a training tool for new employees, associates and temporary workers. This seventh edition has been updated to account for changes in the law and the growth of virtual/hybrid law firms during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Part I offers of a template for a policies and procedures manual that can be adapted to the needs of any firm. Suggested ones are included for every facet of law firm operations, and author’s notes provide guidance on what nuances to consider as you choose which ones to adopt and how to implement them.

Part II provides more in-depth advice on best practices in select areas of law firm operations.

An editable download of Part I is available at a link listed in the preface. Creating a policies and procedures manual for your firm has never been easier — just save a copy of the template, delete the author’s notes and choose the options that fit your firm’s needs.

Co-author Marcia Watson Wasserman is founder and president of Comprehensive Management Solutions Inc., which provides C.O.O. to Go™ law practice management consulting services to boutique and midsize law firms. Prior to consulting, she served as chief operating officer and executive director for more than 15 years at several law firms including an AmLaw 200 firm. She is a fellow in the College of Law Practice Management.

Co-author Cynthia Thomas is owner of PLMC & Associates, a law firm management consulting company that provides best practices in human resource and financial management to small and midsize firms. 

The book is available as a paperback and eBook for $179.95.  To order, visit