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Two Dinosaur Events set November 29

Celebrate Dino-vember with a book, crafts, and treats. Wearing dinosaur clothing is encouraged but not required. For kids ages 5 and up.

The events are set at 5:30 p.m., November 29, at the Dalton Branch and at the Norton Shores Branch.

Registration required. Visit https://madl.evanced.info/signup/Calendar.

MMA offers ‘Oddities and Delights’

Oddities and Delights is an exploration of the fun, whimsical, and strange artworks in the Muskegon Museum of Art’s permanent collection.

Fantastical vehicles made from discarded parts, a chest freezer transformed into a cow, fabric skinned cats with visible wooden skeletons, a two-headed deer in bronze, and a cheeseburger meal with fries and a drink rendered in glass highlight some of the delightfully unusual artworks.

The exhibit runs through February 25. Visit https://muskegonartmuseum.org/exhibitions/

‘Clickity Clack Ho Ho Ho’ set December 9

What would the holidays be without the West Michigan Symphony brass quintet reindeer performing great music for this holiday show?

Based on the book by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin, ‘Click Clack Ho Ho Ho,’ this musical story takes us to Farmer Brown’s barn to find out what the animals are up to for Christmas…crazy things happen at this show so be on the lookout!

The 45-minute concert is designed for ages 3 to 8. Children of all ages require a ticket for entry.

The first performance is 10 a.m., Saturday, December 9; followed by another at 11:30 a.m.

Tickets: $10 for adults and $5 for children. Visit https://westmichigansymphony.org/events/clickity-clack-ho-ho-ho-1000-am/