Michigan Court of Claims posts more than 100 opinions online

The Michigan Court of Claims has announced that more than 100 opinions from 2022, 2023, and 2024 are now posted online at www.courts.michigan.gov/courts/court-of-claims/opinions.

The Court of Claims has the statutory authority to resolve claims brought by individuals and private entities against the State of Michigan and its various agencies and personnel. These cases include constitutional claims, election and campaign matters, Freedom of Information Act and Open Meetings Act claims, highway defects, contracts, prisoner litigation, and tax-related suits.

Court of Appeals judges sit on the Court of Claims by assignment from the Michigan Supreme Court.

The Court of Claims typically hears more than 200 cases each year and operates much like any trial court in the state. Court of Appeals judges serve on the court in addition to their duties on the appellate court.

New opinions will be posted when available.

Opinions from 2021 and earlier can be obtained from the Clerk’s Office at 517-373-0807 or by email to CClerksOffice@courts.mi.gov.