Duly Noted

 Civil Rights

honors Michigan Indian Week
The Department of Civil Rights released the below statement regarding Michigan Indian Week, designated as the fourth week in September.
“Michigan Indian Week provides an opportunity for Michigan to pause and consider the legacy and contributions of our Native American neighbors, co-workers and friends. We urge residents to do research or attend local events to better understand Native American history and traditions. Our state is at its best when we value our differences and seek out new experiences an opportunities for personal growth.”
Michigan Indian Week, declared by Governor Jennifer Granholm.
For more information on the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, visit www.michigan.gov/mdcr.
Cooley expands and restructures
Career and Professional Development
Thomas M. Cooley Law school students and alumni will now benefit from an expanded and restructured Career and Professional Development (CPD) office. Under the leadership of Charles Toy, the associate dean of the CPD and president of the State Bar of Michigan, the CPD has added six professional advisors to its staff - all of whom are attorneys - each representing a blend of legal practice experience, career placement and development expertise.
Shown below, Cooley's CPD staff. Top row, left to right:  Kaleena Kowalkowski, Sue Case, Shari F. Lesnick, Darla Bradford, Alana M. Glass, Jennifer Armstrong, Debi Phillips, Dena Lorenz. Seated, left to right:  Karen M. Poole, Danielle Hall, Bradley H. Merritt, Lisa L. Fadler (Director), Charles R. Toy (Associate Dean) and Dianne Herbin.