Tax Tribunal improves efficiency and transparency through new systems

The Michigan Tax Tribunal has launched several new systems that will make the tax assessment dispute process more user-friendly and transparent for all parties. The Tribunal’s enhanced website,, unveils new E-Filing and case management systems, and an improved docket search resource. 
These technology upgrades are the Tribunal’s latest effort to make its processes more efficient. Prior to 2011, the tax appeals process took 20-24 months. By using a systematic business process review, increasing production standards, and scheduling protocol revisions the Tribunal increased productivity, eliminated a 40,000-case backlog, and instituted an appeals process which now takes an average of 7-10 months.

“After thorough and careful planning, the Tribunal is pleased to offer Michiganders a more transparent and user-friendly tax appeals system,” said Mike Zimmer, Executive Director, Michigan Administrative Hearing System.  “These improved systems move the Tribunal to a more paper-less environment and save staff and the public valuable time and resources.”
E-Filing System
The Tribunal is now offering a free, voluntary electronic system for filing pleadings and other documents for all case types in both the Tribunal’s Small Claims Division and the Entire Tribunal. Users can quickly and easily initiate an appeal, respond to an appeal, file stipulations for entry of consent judgment, motions, and other documents, and pay required filing fees. The E-Filing System, available around the clock, can be accessed by users, their attorneys or authorized representatives.
Improved Docket Search
The Tribunal’s enhanced docket search resource now allows users to search cases filed in 2014 by county and offers more detailed docket information, including electronic copies of all filings related to any individual case.

Case Management System
The Tribunal has worked tirelessly with CaseLoad, a case management solutions provider, to tailor case management resources to the Tribunal’s needs. Users can view and manage all electronically filed documents through their account. The new system is a time saver for Tribunal employees by eliminating  manual data input of Tribunal filings.
For more information about the Michigan Tax Tribunal, visit To explore the new features, click on “What’s New” at the bottom and open the news release or E-Filing FAQ.