Grand Rapids Bar seeks 'lawyers and law students who want to change the world'

The Grand Rapids Bar Association is seeking lawyers and law students who want to change the world (or at least their community). The GRBA is looking for volunteers for:

The 3Rs Program September to May

The 3Rs Program is about to embark on its third year and needs qualified, patient, and fun lawyers and law students to serve as faculty members. This is a great opportunity to show our youth how the legal community in West Michigan is dedicated to preparing them to be educated and successful.

The 3Rs (Rights, Responsibilities, Realities) Program is a partnership between the GRBA and the Grand Rapids Public Schools. It calls upon team of volunteers to go to social studies classrooms for eight separate sessions to work with small groups of students to accomplish the following goals:

—Improve understanding of and respect for the rule of law and our Constitution

—Increase interest in civic and governmental issues

—Provide practical career counseling to focus students on their potential beyond high school

–Improve the "pipeline" of minorities flowing into legal careers in the region

Students and members of the bench and bar are encouraged to apply. To apply, with a deadline of Aug. 28, go to the home page and click on the 3Rs banner when it comes up.

Constitution Day
September 17

The GRBA is again partnering with the Grand Rapids Public Schools to celebrate Constitution Day. The goal is to pair each of the district's 5th grade classrooms with an attorney who will present a one-hour lesson about the United States Constitution.

With just one hour, you can make a huge impact. Help students gain an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the Constitution and their government.

The deadline to sign up is Sept. 1. For more information, to view a volunteer packet, and to register, visit
Incorporated in 1902, the GRBA has always been known for its high level of professionalism and civility. It also enjoys a climate in which lawyers and judges work together to improve the delivery of legal services. Since its inception, the Association has maintained membership loyalty far exceeding that of other voluntary bar associations.

 The association has been the vehicle through which lawyers have worked to address challenges demanding flexibility and change: lawyer advertising, increasing specialization, increasing numbers of lawyers, the economy, the need to encourage and welcome women and minority lawyers into the practice, and increasing use of technology in law offices and legal research.