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 ABA book addresses the fraudulent transfer of wealth 

The American Bar Association Business Law Section has released, “The Fraudulent Transfer of Wealth: Unwound and Explained,” that examines the intersection between fraudulent transfer laws across the states and their application to modern-day wealth transfer planning transactions.

Fraudulent transfer laws refer to statutes enacted by states that establish the rights of creditors against debtors where it appears the debtor fraudulently transferred property to avoid paying creditors. Typically, such action is a civil legal matter and can also occur within the context of federal bankruptcy proceedings. “The Fraudulent Transfer of Wealth” provides a comprehensive history explaining how these laws have been applied, examines wealth transfer planning and identifies issues for wealth transfer planners and creditors, among other topics.

Author David J. Slenn also outlines steps that planners can take to minimize a transaction’s exposure to avoidance; proactive measures that creditors can take to reduce the chance of losing assets; and legal measures to make the creditor whole. Actual scenarios illustrate where advisers have faced liability for their role in frustrating a creditor’s claim.

The book includes a listing of case law that allows creditors to analyze new strategies through analogy to old tricks. This guide will also help wealth transfer planners navigate complex fraudulent transfer laws to ensure the effective transfer of wealth and boost their clients’ portfolios.

Slenn is a partner in the Naples and Tampa, Florida, offices of Akerman LLP. 

“The Fraudulent Transfer of Wealth: Unwound and Explained” is available as a paperback for $89.95.  To order, call 800-285-2221 or visit Shopaba.org.

ABA?book offers several tips for a successful career in the law

Recently published by the American Bar Association, “Winning in Your Own Court: 10 Laws for a Successful Career without Burning Out or Selling Out” is a valuable resource that will guide you in finding and designing the career you have been seeking.  Author Dena Lefkowitz identifies 10 “laws” that will help you figure out what a career of your own design might look like and provides you with suggestions and exercises to put your insights, skills and practices to work for you right now and for the rest of your life.

If you face challenges in building a practice, making partner in your law firm or achieving a promotion, “Winning in Your Own Court” has strategies for becoming a rainmaker and influencer.

Perhaps you are looking for a new career path to use your law degree and are not sure how to start that exploration and transition. “Winning in Your Own Court” offers a model for career transformation. And, if you love the practice of law, it shows you how to excel.

Lefkowitz shares insights about lawyers who struggled with business development; who weren’t making partner and didn’t know why; and who were encountering career dilemmas, some unhappy in their current work and others who loved what they did but didn’t know how to get to the next level. Using the techniques presented in this book, Lefkowitz helped them build a book of business, make partner in their firm, achieve more in their practice or even transition to another career.

“Winning in Your Own Court: 10 Law for a Successful Career with Burning Out or Selling Out” is available as a paperback and eBook for $34.95.  

To order, call 800-285-2221 or visit shopaba.org.