Access to Justice Campaign releases annual report

The Access to Justice Campaign recently released its annual report summing up efforts to increase legal community donations for 15 legal aid programs in the 2021 calendar year.

The report includes several examples of how legal aid helped low-income families in Michigan, and how receiving access to justice changed lives. In addition, the report applauds members of the legal community who donate to the campaign, highlights the partnerships between legal aid programs and pro bono attorneys, and demonstrates the importance of having civil legal aid to help people effectuate their rights under Michigan’s Clean Slate legislation, which expands the eligibility of expunging previous convictions.

The release of the annual report coincided with the 25th anniversary of the Access to Justice Campaign in Michigan that continues its effort to provide resources for civil legal aid, and ultimately increase services that protect and preserve the health, homes, and livelihoods of low-income families.

“Thank you to all of the firms, attorneys and corporate legal departments that support the Access to Justice Campaign,” said MSBF’s Board President Ed Pappas. “The ATJ Campaign Steering Committee is pleased with the progress so far and looks forward to continual growth.”

Read the 2021 ATJ Annual Report or support the ATJ Campaign at

The Access to Justice Campaign is a partnership with the State Bar of Michigan, administered by the Michigan State Bar Foundation.